Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another day at the FS,,,,,,,,

Another day at the FS,,,,,this week has been a very trying week for me. A week full of angry emotions that overruled any and all thoughts of trying to look at things in a logical way... Because of an error caused by another, I ended up without a paycheck. So needless to say, my mood has been justified. Funny how the one that caused the problem and put me in a financial situation many are faced with right now, has seemed to make light of his error.......probably because he was paid, while I struggled for three solid days to correct the problem I didn't create!!! Finally today, a partial payment was deposited in my depleating account. I guess I am addressing this in my blog because there are so many people out of work and for a brief time, I walked in their shoes. Although I knew "eventually" money would come,,,,they don't. And what a feeling that has caused me to experience....ugh!! I thank God every night for my job and wish away all the worries and uncertainties other people feel not having one. I pray the economy will soon change and the future of not only my own children and their little ones, but everyone else out there that cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel right now.