Monday, July 20, 2009

Another day,,,,,with the family!!

Yesterday was a great day! Spent the day at Willard Bay,,,,with the whole family. It was hot but lots of fun! The little ones love the water. Kyden could cast and cast and cast fishing for who knows what......Grandpa sat at the waters edge watching and waiting for something to latch on to the end of Kydens hook,,,,,, Tyten and Kyden played in the sand digging and digging, funny they didn't bury each other! Little Tilden isn't sure of all it. He is still to young to play in the water or build a sand castle. He is such a smiley baby and content being just about anywhere! The rest of us just chilled on the beach or in the shade. The kids talked me into going with them out on the boat and go tubing. I swear to God Mark is out to get me! However,,,,,he never did buck me off! It was a great day and we all hope for more of them. It is always nice to get together, share stories, catch up and spend time watching everyone grow,,,,,