Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another day,,,,,Paying It Forward

The title of my blog today is "Paying It Forward". Recently a friend/co-worker was diagnosed with stomach, esophagus, larynx, liver and lymph nod cancer. I was taken back by the news and saddened to learn that he was only given a short time to complete his mission on earth with us. After learning of his condition, one thing came to mind,,,,"Relay For Life." The American Cancer Society sponsors Relay For Life globally. I have had the opportunity to attend RFL in Ogden representing a friend that was diagnosed and beat the battle of breast cancer. Days after receiving Chip's news, I was not able to get him, his family nor his condition out of my mind. I contacted his wife, who is familiar with RFL, and asked permission to sponsor a team in honor of Chip. Chip was emotionally grateful and agreed. And at that moment,,,,,our team was born. "Pay It Forward" is our team name and will design our theme around the Forest Service where Chip has dedicated his heart and soul to. Chip and his family are from the Logan area so we will be participating in the RFL at Utah State University. The event is scheduled for July 10 and 11 (Fri/Sat). It begins Friday evening at 5pm with the "Survivors Lap" which you dont want to miss. It ends Sat at 6pm. I am currently designing the team webpage and will have it out no later than Tuesday. For those of you that have not participated in RFL, this will be the most rewarding 24 hours you will ever spend, I promise you will not have any regrets. Team representatives are scheduled to be on the track walking/jogging/running for the full 24 hours. It is a night of fun, celebration, and devotion to honor survivors as well as those who lost the battle. I will be sending an email to all of you and hope you will participate any way you can. The email will have oodles of information in it. Please please forward it to anyone and everyone you know. And remember, just when we think it will never happen to us or those we love, life can take a turn. I have a passion for this and know in my heart it will be very successful, never to late to "Pay It Forward."
love you all,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another day,,,,,as Aunt Lisa,,,,Yesterday I acknowledged what a great family I have. I must add that being an Aunt is right up there with being a mom. I have 6 nieces and nephews whom I also love dearly. Some of my funnest times have been with you BreBre, you rock! I guess being the oldest has its advantages. I watch my siblings raise families of their own and love them so much!! Having kids close to the same age has been a lot of fun for them. They are all cousins but also friends, what more could one family have! love you all, aunt lisa

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another day,,,,,as a mom

So I was told an update would be marvelous. Here ya go Brebre! We just celebrated Mother's Day Sunday. I don't think there is enough room on a blog to write why being a mom is so rewarding. It seems like only yesterday when all my kids were home dependent on me cooking Sunday breakfast, waiting for dinner after school, help with homework, haircuts and a tux for a dance or just a late night chat on the couch. Now I entertain all of them with their own families at what I hope they always call home. They are all best of friends and share stories of their own little ones and the milestones they are reaching. I am so proud of each one of them and the milestones they have reached and the futures they have ahead of them. Not everyone mom can say that they raised their best friends, I love you all, MOM!