Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another day,,,,,as a mom

So I was told an update would be marvelous. Here ya go Brebre! We just celebrated Mother's Day Sunday. I don't think there is enough room on a blog to write why being a mom is so rewarding. It seems like only yesterday when all my kids were home dependent on me cooking Sunday breakfast, waiting for dinner after school, help with homework, haircuts and a tux for a dance or just a late night chat on the couch. Now I entertain all of them with their own families at what I hope they always call home. They are all best of friends and share stories of their own little ones and the milestones they are reaching. I am so proud of each one of them and the milestones they have reached and the futures they have ahead of them. Not everyone mom can say that they raised their best friends, I love you all, MOM!


  1. Like you said you just don't have enough room to talk about how great it is to be a mom. The relationship that all of us kids have is amazing, we are all so close. We love spending time with everyone, what a GREAT family we have...Love you!!

  2. oh aunt lisa this is so cute...I will have to agree with lacie we have a GREAT family and I know that I am not one of your kids hahah but I am pretty damn close hahah...Love you lots and thank you for everything love you