Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another HaPpY ValEnTiNeS DaY to all of you. It isn't about heart shaped boxes full of artificial chocolate, or roses that fill the air with the same smell grandma's bathroom used to have. It is the full circle a heart makes once it reaches the starting point. It is the people in your life you have gently placed inside the heart. The ones that love you unconditionally. The ones that give you laughter on a not so happy day. The ones you gather with on special occasions creating a new meaning to the word "family." The ones you wake to every morning that eagerly wait to hear you start the day with "I love you." The ones that need the magic of a mother's kiss when things just aren't the way they are suppose to be. Valentines Day is the day we celebrate LOVE,,,, a celebration that lasts a life time. To all of you in side my heart,,,,Happy Valentines Day, I love you!


  1. Hey sis, that was so beautifully written. Berk works this entire weekend from morning to late night. And I have sick kids. I was beginning to be bummed about this holiday. your little post put new perspective on this holiday. I am thankful for all those inside my heart. Thankful to be a mom to be there for sick kids. Thankful for a hard working husband.
    Love you sis.

  2. hahah you wrote that blog because you got to spend your holiday with me huh aunt lisa hahhahah
    I know you love me hahahhaha
    Love you...